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With us, you will get to enjoy a lot of sex with a minimum of two girls; you are also allowed to exchange sex partners with another guest who is more enjoyable. You can even get to enjoy hatch parties and lots of snacks. If you might have any fantasies, inform the girls or us, we will help you make your fantasy become a reality.

Three sex tips

Do what you desire and not what you are okay with. As a woman, you should be aware of your man’s desire, and you should also know that their desire is completely uncontrolled.

  1. If you get to know about your desires and see that your desires matter, then sex will become consensual. If your partner wants you to do something that you do not desire, it is okay to let him, or she knows, this will bring understanding between you two.
  2. Express whatever you are thinking and ask your partner as well of what he or she is thinking. You can vocalize what you are feeling to your partner and always ensure that whatever you say is positive and is giving your partner morale to continue.
  3. Ensure you enjoy as well as your partner. As you have sex with a partner, all your concentration should be in that activity; this will help gather all your feelings to one place and will help you reach orgasm well as your partner.

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Sex instruction books for 2019

Sex matters by OSHO

This book explains how sex is very much important to our world. It also explains how just an act of sex can prove to very important in a relationship and how couples should embrace sex and make it part of the relationship for it to boom.

The guide to getting it on written by Paul Joannides

This is a whole encyclopedia which talks about sex there has been a constant revision of this book which makes it thicker and thicker with each revision, it generally talks about sex, from the history of sex to its culture. This book has become an educational tool to almost every adult; with it, you will learn everything about sex and the fun in it.

Sex at dawn written by Christopher Ryan

This book talks about how people mate and why they stray, it also addresses what sex means to modern relationships.


2019 sex horoscope

Aries (21st March to 19th April)

You will have figured out who you are, and now, you will be only aiming at finding a financially stable partner. You are required to take control of your bedroom; you should not let your partner take the initiative, you have to guide him or her through your sexual needs and desires.

Taurus (20th April to 20th May)

You will be able to open yourself an image, and you may also want to take the initiative to be a role player as you also try different sexual personas. You can as well engage in dirty talk with your partner. Uranus will help you in directing your desires with boldness. You should ask to be seduced in any way possible.

Gemini (21st May to 20th June)

With this, your points of focus will be your Chest and lungs. You are known as a person who likes communicating. Therefore, you will need to make those sexy phone calls and send text messages. Do not be shy, once you get some time alone with your partner, instruct them on how you desire to be pleasured.